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About a year ago, I was sitting and thinking about my life….how for many years I wasn’t happy and what the path to happiness looked like.  I realized that much of my journey to joy was about living life in the moment, living life through my senses, being awake to the world around me and within me.  That led to a series of posts about life…about cultivating a life that is SENSE-sational.

Sunshine Flower 2

Indulging My Sense of Smell…and Health

Recently when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, I checked in with my intuition about what paths to healing were right to me.  One of the first inner wisdoms I got was a feeling of being strongly drawn to a natural, holistic therapy that I had used for years in my personal life and as a professional massage therapist …..essential oils.  For the last six weeks I have been diving into research about oils for my health, to transform my medicine cabinet so that it contains less toxins, and for oil blends that help increase creativity, intuition, and reduce stress.

I looked into several lines of essential oils and finally decided on a line that is Certified Therapeutic Pure Grade called doTERRA (sounds like Doe-Tara).  I loved the research it was based on, the high level of purity they offered, and the variety of blends designed for specific needs.

A Peek into My doTERRA Natural Solutions Kit

Inside doTerra Kit


The big box of goodies arrived 4 days after my order was placed.  I couldn’t wait to open it.  But, for you… I snapped a quick photo to document the beginning of my essential oil adventure.

doterra kit inside


The box was filled with so many goodies.  Bunches of yummy oils, vitamins, facial products, toothpaste, a beautiful wooden box, and oil diffuser.  The oils are natural, pure, and wildcrafted.  What a way to indulge in health…self-care…and loving myself.

doterra natural solutions kit


Several of the oils bottles featured single oils that can be used alone or blended with others to create a personalized mixture that caters to my specific need.  Other bottles are proprietary blends that doTERRA has created to help with the things so many of us struggle with.

doterra  oils creative livine

I am looking forward to sharing the oils with you.  You will find a new page on the menu bar called Creative Living with Essential Oils, as well as, a button on the sidebar to visit my doTERRA Essential Oil Shop.  Look forward to creative ways to bring oils into your life.  They are fun, a great way to indulge in self-care, and perfect for bringing health and creativity into your everyday life.

Before You Leave

  • Wanna hear from you (JOIN US):  Make sure to drop a note in the comments to let me know what your favorite essential oil is and what you like to use it for.  And if you like, I would love for you to join my NEW FACEBOOK GROUP…. Creative Living with Essential Oils.  We are sharing tips and success stories there.
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  1. Geranium oil is my favorite, especially during mosquito season! I used the oil when I lived in West Africa and malaria was prevalent. I rarely got mosquito bites, and friends would always ask what lovely perfume I was wearing!

    • Geranium is one of my faves too, Suzy! I didn’t know it helped with mosquito bites. Good to know as they are swarming after all the rain here.

  2. Just last night I was teaching my psychopathology class to graduate level students and it was a night for one of the students to do her presentation on depression. Towards the end of the presentation, she got out her essential oils kit and passed those around as a method to treat depression. It was so interesting and informative. So, opening my inbox today to find this blog on essential oils as I am battling a nasty cold has me thinking the universe is trying to tell me something and I better listen and get me some essential oils to improve my health and creative flow!

    • Christie, one of our local mental health hospitals has been utilizing essential oils to help boost the moods of patients. I think that is so progressive and forward thinking. I love that your student felt safe enough in offering that as an option in your class. Good luck with that cold. If you are looking for a scruptuously powerful cold fighter, doTERRA’s OnGuard is clinically proven to fight the good fight…and win!

  3. Rachel, I am absolutely convinced we are linked. I bought a book about 10 years ago from Half Price Books when I was researching the use of essential oils for perfume & candle making. The book I bought is beautiful & has recipes using essential oils. Well, about 2 weeks ago my daughter tells me, “Mom, one of our main candle lines just got bought out. We need to look into doing candle making again.” I went looking through my craft stuff & found the book & a horde of notes I took. I would love to learn more about essential oils. If you ever have a class, please think of me. :)

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